This is EVIL PATRIXXX. Be very afraid!

EVIL PATRIXXX is not a creature from the UnUniverse, not even the UnUnUniverse. Rather, this hideous beast comes from the Trollpasta Universe, where he is the ruler of it (and with an "iron fist"). EVIL PATRIXXX takes the form of a hyper-realistic Patrick Star who's bent on destroying the universe as we know it.

How EVIL PATRIXXX Came To The UnUniverse

In the Trollpasta Universe, EVIL PATRIXXX sat on his throne, and thought of other universes for him to conquer. Then, Asplode Tinky Winky teleported into the Trollpasta Universe, and saw EVIL PATRIXXX. They both saw each other and realized that they looked alike. Asplode Tinky Winky told EVIL PATRIXXX on where he came from. Seeing that Asplode Tinky Winky came from the UnUniverse, EVIL PATRIXXX saw this as an opportunity to conquer another universe, and to rule more land for his grubby hands.

When he teleported from his universe to the UnUniverse, he landed on to Teletubby Land. Po first saw him, and pointed a gun in EVIL PATRIXXX's face. EVIL PATRIXXX was able to bend the gun to point at Po's face, somehow. Seeing that EVIL PATRIXXX was a new entity that was powerful enough to bend guns, and that he conquered a universe (psychic much?), Po decided to help EVIL PATRIXXX on his quest to conquer the UnUniverse, only if the Teletubbies ruled it as well. EVIL PATRIXXX accepted this, as if he didn't, his fate would've been sealed.



  • EVIL PATRIXXX might be related to Asplode Tinky Winky, as they both kinda look like each other.
  • There was a category on the Trollpasta Wiki dedicated to him. [1](Warning: This wiki has been closed)
  • There is a category on the LOLpasta Wiki dedicated to him. [2]
  • Just looking at him would cause fear in the hearts of many
  • Patrick Star had never seen this guy, but has heard of him. He's kinda mad, but scared as well.
  • His UnRank is (10^^^2)*Π.
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