The Easy Sucky Rating Blockheads, otherwise known as the ESRB, is a group of people that rate shames on how good they are.


The ESRB started after Nintendo whined about how Mortal Kombat and other violent video games were inappropritate for general audiences. It started back in 45 B.C. They have rated over 454,656,565 shames and 43 tacos.


  • George W. Bush-former President of the United States and current President of the ESRB
  • Hulk Hogan-semiretired wrestler and rating boards advisor
  • Elmo-man of Sesame Street fame and head of public relations
  • YouTube-internet video site and head of commissions


  • E-Excellent-Approved for all audiences
  • E 10+-Exceptionally 10+-Awful for kids
  • T-Terrible-Only good for teenagers; everyone else would find it pointless
  • M-Miserable-Boring game for adults only
  • AO-Awfully Ovular-Oval games; serve no purpose
  • KA-Retired rating;nobody cares about it


  • The ESRB is pointless thanks to careless parents
  • Barack Obama supports the ESRB
  • You support the ESRB by buying shames
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