ACOD Cult of Kosmos Meeting (1)

Alexios addressing a Greek branch of Dumbledore's army.

Dumbledore's Army was originally a group created by Harold Potter (not to be confused with Harry Potter, this is the illegitimate son of Thor) to resist the regime of Dolores Umbridge in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Later on, it was transformed into a cult devoted to worshipping Thor.


Dumbledore's Army was once a club Harold Potter created in his school so that he could practice defensive magic when Dolores Umbridge outlawed it. After he died in the final battle against Not-Not Voldemort, Harold had a rare opportunity to converse with Odin. Similarly to how he did with Thor in Ragnarok, Odin gave Harold a motivational speech and helped him realise the full extent of his powers. Sending Harold back to the world of the living, Odin encouraged him to seek out his father and help him in whatever way he could.

After Not-Not Voldemort's defeat, Harold used returned to school for his final year of attendance. Having already acquired the Indigo Resurrection Stone, he only needed to open a portal to the main UnUniverse to summon his father. Deciding he needed to sacrifice Titans in order to do so, Harrold transformed his club into a cult devoted to worshipping Thor. Henceforth, they began making their plans to kill the Teen Titans so they could contact their idol.

After they opened the portal, they were immediately ambushed by Thanos and the Infinity Army. The Great Battle of Dimensions occurred, with Thor arriving just as Thanos obtained the Indigo Resurrection Stone. Catching Thanos off guard, he hit the Infinity Gauntlet with a full power beam from his Unfinity Gauntlet. The blast was so powerful that it was able to knock a small fragment of the Stone out of the gauntlet. Having already obtained his objective, Thanos only smirked at Thor before teleporting away.

Enraged, Thor destroyed the rest of the dimensional barrier separating the two omniverses. He left to return to Asgard after tasking Harold with rooting out the members of the Infinity Army which he believed had infiltrated his empire.


Order of the Phoenix (Wizarding branch of Dumbledore's Army)

  1. Hermione Granger
  2. Ronald Weasley
  3. Neville Longbottom
  4. Cho Chang

Red Priests (Westerosi branch of Dumbledore's Army)

  1. Robert Baratheon (another of Thor's illegitimate sons; roped his brothers into joining)
  2. Stannis Baratheon
  3. Renly Baratheon
  4. Gendry Waters
  5. Daenerys Targaryen
  6. Melisandre
  7. Thoros of Myr
  8. Beric Dondarrion

Rust-eze (Vehicle branch of Dumbledore's Army)

  1. Lightning McQueen (aspires to become Thor's personal vehicle)
  2. Tow Mater
  3. Doc Hudson
  4. Mac the Truck

Cult of Kosmos (Greek branch of Dumbledore's Army)

  1. Alexios (grandson of Leonidas, co-founder of the Greek branch of Dumbledore's Army)
  2. Kassandra (granddaughter of Leonidas, co-founder of the Greek branch of Dumbledore's Army)
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