Cquote1 I have no mercy!!! Cquote2
Duke Onkled
Duke Onkled

Duke Onkled defending his castle from aliens

Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Species: Hylian human
Home: Gamelon
Death: None
AKA: His omnipotence
Likes: Being the greatest guy
Dislikes: Being made to scrup all the floors in Hyrule
Education: Royal education
Occupation: Duke of Gamelon
Known For: Being hard as nails
UnRank: 390672076

Duke Onkled is the duke of Gamelon. He is the friend of the King of Hyrule, but he is much cooler.

He wears black glasses and smokes cigars from Mushroom Kingdom. He was noticed in many wars, where he captured some cities and connected them to Gamelon.

Later he wanted to conquer Hyrule with Ganon, but Ganon was so stupid, so Duke was arrested. He had to scrub all the floors in Hyrule before the could talk about mercy, but he ordered his slaves to scrub instead of him.

He then sneaked away when Nobody was watching, and ran back to his house crying like a baby. He ordered 16,278,577,157,966.482 guards to guard his castle. He didn't have that many guards, but ordering that much reassured him anyways.

He is now back in Gamelon, playing with his pet bomb and maintaining his Online Group .

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