Ducky legion flag

If you see this, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

The Ducky Legion is the armed forces of the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire. They have existed since the empire's founding during the 1st Ducky War and continue to serve their master, Ducky, now during The Old War. The (semi) powerful Ducky Empire only stands due to their hard efforts and gambling addictions.



Ducky Legion soldiers during the New Spanish War

The legion consists of over 3 million recruits with about 12 million in reserve. Each member is trained to use conventional firearms such as the AK-47 and the likes, but each are also trained to use the dreaded DD-Ray and DD-Rifle.

The Legion is made up of Goombas, Handpuppets, People, Snowmen (for Arctic operations), Scarecrows (to scare off crows) and other such things.

The Legion is also equipped with Fire Flowers that originally grew in the Mushroom Kingdom but now grow in the Ducky Empire.


A snowman after a long battle during the 2nd Ducky War


Anyone is allowed to join the Ducky Legion, but once you join the legion you serve Ducky FOREVER!!!!!

Recent Actions

The Ducky Legion is presently engaged in various operations all across UnWorld, largely ones centred around the ongoing Old War. To some they are villains who should be cast out, but to others they are heroes who stand for good and justice.

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