Gates of Duckopolis

voice:Quackus. Dominus. Sanctus. Imperius. guy: Where's that ominous latin chanting coming from?

Duckopolis is the dreaded capital of the (semi) powerful Ducky Empire. Ducky rules his empire from this city. The city has never been breached, not even during the 1st and 2nd Ducky Wars.

Duckopolis was constructed under the orders of Ducky and has twice hosted a major meeting for The Bad People and thrice for the League of Extraordinary Capitalists.

Though the Squadala Empire has attempted to infiltrate the city, it is rumored that Ducky found out about their plans and killed Somebody they sent so Everybody backed off and nobody has tried again to infiltrate the city.

Despite the fact that it looks like a creepy ancient city on the outside, it is a regular modern city on the inside. The creepy enterence is to attract tourists.


Duckopolis is located at the top point of the Duck Empire. After the 2nd Ducky War, when the Ducky Empire gave Spain it's independence, it kept the bottom tip of Spain to expand Duckopolis, as it was running out of space.

Notable Buildings

  • Ducky Palace
  • Duckpolis Mall
  • Duckopolis Public Library
  • Ducky University
  • Ducky Space Station


Transportation in Duckopolis is done mostly by cars. But there are some public modes of transportation such as subways, monorails and buses. The Ducky International Airport is the city's main airport. Also the Ducky train station runs through Duckopolis.

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