Halo Duck Hunt
Cquote1 That darn dog!" Cquote2
Old Man Jenkins on Duck Hunt
Cquote1 He may be annoying, but Laughing Dog is the only member of the animal kingdom that's ballsy enough to laugh at a frustrated human with a loaded rifle. As hundreds of duck corpses rain from the sky, Laughing Dog remains confident that you can only shoot him in the arcade version. Cquote2
Mr. Game & Watch

Duck Hunt is the shame made when Nintendo didn't make enough violent shames. They decided to make a game where the goal is to kill (how original). The shame sold about 3 million copies, but it was later discovered they were all bought by the same person. This shame was followed by Super Duck Hunt.

The goal of the shame is to take Master Chief, and have him use his Sniper Rifle to blow the brains out of a bunch of stupid ducks. This is more fun than it sounds (for the first two seconds). The shame will mostly be remembered because of all the Laughing Dog, arguably the most annoying dog ever.

This shame also has a Mega Kill feature, which is where 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 ducks go on screen, and the player just hits the shoot button over and over. It is good for racking up points, but points are stupid, just like ducks.

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