Driver: You Are The Wheelman is the greatest driving Shame ever created. It was the first driving Shame that let you go anywhere within 6 different cities.


You are John Tanner, a police officer from New York City who has to go undercover to infiltrate the mafia. Nobody actually played the mission mode (AKA "Undercover") because of how hard the first mission was. People also just wanted to drive around pissing off cops in "Take A Ride"


The Shame plays like all of the other driving shames out there, except there is a separate button for doing a burnout.

There are six cities you can play in:

Cities only available with a cheat card:


Every rating company applauded this game or it awesomeness and innovations. New York Citya Ratings]] said "wonderful, Ths game is a true master piece that will live on forever!"


  • John Tanner is the only GOOD guy that is playable in an open world game.
  • A company ripped this shame off, calling it Grand Theft Sesame Street and adding more guns, violence and getting out of cars.
  • John Tanner is learning how to get in and out of car lessons, which is why you rarely ever see him out of the car.
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