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Drew and his love...

Drew the Fox is the stupidest, most untalented thing ALVIE!!! He makes Justin Beaver look cool, and he makes Po look like a KING!!! HE'S CRAZY STUPID, He is beyond stupid!!! Nothing is more stupid!!! NOTHING!!!!! (Though we do say that about lotsa people...)


A cold day, on a hard night in the middle of nowhere... A poor family of foxes gave birth to a brand new (stupid) boy. His parents called him Moronic Baby, but somehow Drew became his new name. He ran away because he wanted Weekend Pickles, but his parents said he couldn't have any. Along the way, he met The Watterson Kids. Right away he felt in love with Anais.

That's when he got pwned all the way to Poland. He was lovestruck for years. All he thought about was Anais. Some would say he was a stalker, but he denied this. Eventually, he was slain by the Tubby Monster, and then shot by Luigi. He was arrested by Sandy Cheeks for stealing Meegees tacos, and was put in prison where he met Anais again. He caught her with a fishing net and made-out with her. She tried to run away but... Well its best we don't tell you what happened. Wikia doesn't like it when we talk about no-no things. In the morning Drew and Anais broke out of prison and escaped Poland where they were at Arlen. Drew started to hide in the pool where he started his speedo addiction. True morons like speedos witch is why he likes them.

He went out in public where he started to Get bullied by Pumkins alot. he and Anais moved to their final stop: Ducky Empire!!! They lived there for long enough when Skips and Mama Luigi came out and kicked Drew in the groin. he cried stupid tears when he knew he would become A HERO. He stopped Skips and Mama Luigi with a punch, but no ordinary punch! A MEGA PUNCH!!! they went off crying, and then Drew killed WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky!!!!!!!! Really? Absolutely not! No, what actually happened was they pwned him and then WaWaWaWaTinky-Winky killed him. THE END!!!