Dragonrealm is a nation located in Africa. It was once the legendary Dragon Realms, but it was moved here after some problems with running a parallel universe occurred. It is ruled by Spyro the dragon, and his evil minions, the not-as-awesome dragons.


The Dragon Realms

There was once a pocket universe called the Dragon Realms. It was a pocket universe of Heaven that was parallel to the UnUniverse. That meant that fabric of their existence was like a =. The Dragon Realms were inhabited by the dragons. They lived across the Dragon Realms. Spyro was a notable warrior in the Dragon Realms.

After a few hundred thousand years, the UnUniverse started to expand. It started to get so fat big, it began to crush the Dragon Realms. When the pocket universe was destroyed in the year 1953, Spyro ripped a hole through the fabric of the universe, and many of the dragons went to the UnUniverse. They landed in Africa (that's on the UnWorld), and the dragons swiftly took over the land they entered from the Bowser UnWorld Territories.


Spyro was crowned as leader, and he named the land Dragonrealm, declaring it the last piece of their former land. He eventually led Dragonrealm until it became a powerful country. A year after Spyro took over what is now Dragonrealm, he founded Sony (though it was later moved to Japan), and the dragons are currently considered one of the most powerful species there are.

Dragonrealm was one of the two major fighters in the Sony Civil War, when Spyro took some of Dragonrealm's resources, and used them to help his company Sony. This resulted in Spyro's death, but he came back to life because he's a dragon.


Dragonrealm's culture is mainly centered around fire. As dragons are creatures that can breathe fire (they can also breathe water, but they pretend they can't), they always do everything with fire. They cook food with fire, fight battles with fire, brush teeth with fire, and even watch TV with fire!

Dragonrealm's cuisine is considered some of the most burned in the entire world. They fry everything they eat until it's completely black. Even their cotton candy is black and crunchy. Some travel travel the world to taste it. And some save time by throwing food in their fire, and then eating it.


Spyro is the leader. No exceptions. Not even Dr. Robotnik argues with this. You know, as long as Spyro keeps paying him.

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