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Dragonair being aesthetic in the Vast Pokeforce chatroom.
Member 11 - Dragonair

Dragonair is PokeCyan of the Vast Pokeforce, she used to be very cruel and wanted to kill Dratini and her kind brother Dragonite.

Her designated roman numeral is XI (11).

She always had the desire to murder both her daughter and her brother. She was married to none other than Salamence and is actually responsible for giving him a bad influence.

This made Salamence divorce her as well as Dragonite giving up on her since she was a bad influence for him and team up with heroic Pokemon like Flygon, Tsareena, and many other heroic Pokemon.

She rejoined her family after getting a c*nt punt (somehow...) from Googolplex and getting a concussion.

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