Van Nostrand
Dr. Van Nostrand is an awesome doctor and mad scientist. He is NOT related to Kramer in any way. He created the Umbrella Corporation.

Early Life

Dr. Van Nostrand grew up in Raccoon City and moved to New York City after inheriting lotsa money. He never had to work a day in his life, but he did. He became the greatest doctor in New York during the 1969's. He felt accomplished and moved back to Raccoon City.

The Discovery of Toothpaste

Dr. Van Nostrand was trying to create a new substance that could kill raccoons while in New York. He couldn't find enough poison to kill a raccoon, so he threw out everything related to this idea. This compound was then discovered by the CEO of Colgate. He put mint in the compound and sold it as toothpaste.

Umbrella's Formation

Dr. Van Nostrand started a small medicine company in the 1960's and called it Umbrella. His motto was, "let us protect you and your family with an Umbrella." After years of hard work, the top secret Umbrella Antarctica Base was built, there were stores all other Raccoon City, and hen all other the Midwest. In 1979, there were also stores all over the US. In 1982, Umbrella became the Umbrella Corporation when it opened up stores across the globe.


After Seinfeld was ended, Dr. Van Nostrand mysteriously disappeared for unknown reason, and was never seen again. He might be dead, but it is unknown.

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