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Jabba the Hut by Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss
is an author of fame. Though Dr. Seuss is not his real name. Theodor was his name in fact. Theodor Seuss Geisel to be exact. Seuss was a man of much writing skill. He was so old he wrote with a quill. Even though there were many great things he did, it is a fact that he hates each and every kid.

Dr. Seuss was once a man filled with hate. It might be because he was overweight. Maybe he ate some chum, maybe he was just dumb. Maybe he was hit on the head, maybe he was already dead! He might have been sad or angry, he might have been attacked by a delusional shalazangry!

Dr. Seuss wanted to kill people during World War Two. He was too wimpy, of course, and this he knew. Instead he drew a bunch of pictures! He once drew a Japanese man killing the Bloated Nictures! Seuss then felt remorse for drawing a picture this gory. He made up for it by writing a stupid story! This may sound very funny, but he only wrote for the money!

Dr. Seuss eventually wrote a story about the Cat in the Hat. He was so ashamed, he built Seussville just for that! With the cat locked in this prison, Seuss' true skill had risen. He wrote stories like no man before, it is he that the children came to adore. Though he wanted to take their lives, he eventually put away his knives. But then something proved to be wrong. Dr. Seuss knew he didn't have long. But those cells knew how to spread, so Dr. Seuss is now dead.

Later Seuss rose from the dead, he woke some people in their bed. He went to the funeral of King Pig, he said "The pig is really big!" So the people went to his funeral, their he said "I remember when King Pig wrote the Roman Numeral" everyoned sobbed and cried, they cried so hard they all died. Dr Seuss said "Fuck this shit i'm out", as he grew a big snout. He went back to his beautiful grave, to rape his little slave.

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