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Dr. Octogonapus is a guy that likes to fire his LAZOR. (Meaning, he has mastered the Shoop Da Whoop ability and likes doing it). He comes out of nowhere, usually in front of people and flies and then fires his LAZOR.

Dr. Octogonapus looks like some combination of Ron and Doc Ock with a little James Bond mixed in. He has 4 mechanical tentacles, a pair of sun glasses, orange hair, and black clothes. He is also sometimes seen in a gigantic robot thing while dramatic music plays.


Dr. Octagonapus has been sighted killing people with his LAZOR.

Facts about Dr. Octogonapus

  • The FBI were searching for him. They failed and lost an agent (Randal)
  • He once had a son named Randal, but Dr. Octogonapus killed him on purpose by accident.
  • He works as a chef and tries to cook his steaks to perfection.
  • Aladin thought he was a genie.
  • Dr. Octogonapus evolves from Shoop Da Whoop face.
  • He was once fired by shoop Cell for killing his own son.
  • His clothes were darker and his skin was pale in Lazer Collection 1.
  • His rival is the Slender Man.
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