Dr. Dog
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Trust him! He's a doctor!

Gender: Male
Hair color: White
Eye color: Unknown
Species: Dog
Home: United States of UnAmerica
Death: ...
AKA: Phineas, Phineas P. Dog
Likes: To save people
Dislikes: Weegee staring at him
Education: Doctoring School of Doctoring Doctors
Occupation: Dogtor
Known For: saving a guy from choking on a spaghetti
UnRank: 88889.452

Dogtor Phineas P. Dog, normally just called Dr. Dog, is a totally cool dogtor. He went to the Doctoring School of Doctors to get his Doctoring Doctorate. He is so cool he owns a Pizza Farm.


Dr. Dog is a wrinkly white dog that wears a doctor outfit. He has 156 wrinkles (and counting). Some say that if you open his eyes they'll suck you into a world of Tails and Drew the Fox lemon fanfics.

Great Accomplishments

  • Saving a guy from choking on Spaghetti.
  • Getting a doctoring doctorate.
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