Dr Batman
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Pete Batman (often called Dr. Batman) is a proclaimed doctor and scientist. He currently holds the record of greatest doctor who has the same name as a hero, and he is often considered one of the greatest geniuses of all time.


Pete Batman (to avoid confusion with the hero, we're going to call Pete Batman "Batman", and we're going to call the hero Bruce) was born in the United States of UnAmerica. He was raised on the theory that if you are smart, you are intelligent. Batman graduated high school when he was thirteen, and got a doctor's degree in college three days later.

Batman traveled the world to expand his knowledge. He eventually found his way into the Ducky Empire, where he joined the Ducky Legion. He was assigned the least desirable job in the entire legion: guarding Duckopolis. This is when The Old War started, and Dr. Batman became Ducky's personal guard. This was documented in Call of Ducky 2.

After the Old War ended, Dr. Batman left the Ducky Empire and continued his travels. He eventually settled down in Soviet Russia. He became one of the smartest people on Earth, and started running around the world just because. Then he remembered that he accidentally bought a house in every country, and sells all of them by mistake. He eventually decides not to live in a country, and just live on a large boat that floats across the ocean.


  • Only Albert Einstein and Bill Gates are known to be smarter than Dr. Batman.
  • Dr. Batman's IQ is 327.
  • Dr. Batman was once sued by Batman, but he accidentally shot himself during court, and they never finished the dispute.
  • Dr. Batman always gets rejected out of places because they think he's lying about his name.
  • Dr. Batman was actually raised by bats.
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