Dora's House

EVIL, but snowing in Hell!

Dora the Explorer's House (sometimes nicknamed Dora's House) is a large house that is located in the ninth and final circle of Hell. It was build by The Devil's servants after Dora the Explorer came to work with them. Dora the Explorer now resides in it whenever she is not killing people for fun. This house is one of the most dangerous locations known to man. Just going anywhere near it will make Dora think you're an intruder, and she would launch so many missiles and bombs that you will probably have little bits of you spread every corner of Hell. However, if you're already in Hell, you can't be killed, so if you don't die, Dora knows you're not an intruder. She does not let anyone inside her house except for a select few figures. Because of its defenses and secrecy, very few people know what is inside of there and to this day they still want to know.

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