Dora "The Explorer"

Looks like she just killed someone.

Gender: Female
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Red (Devil Form)
Species: Human (Formerly)
Home: Earth (Formally)
House in Hell
Death: Immortal
AKA: Dorka
Likes: Becoming the Devil
Dislikes: The Map
Education: Three years of primary school; Eternity of training from the Devil
Occupation: Devil's Servant
Known For: Stealing Souls
UnRank: 12,345

Dora the Explorer is the evil servant of the devil and is a petite Latina dwarf. She has starred in her own TV series since her birth year. Dora was born on Earth in the 1700s. She was raised by her loving family, but it was in vain. She is currently OVER 9000 years old, yet she still acts (and looks) like a young 4 year old. She was supposedly 7 or 8 years old when she debuted, but she lies about her age, so it doesn't matter. Dora is also one of the silver aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.

Dora was cursed by an evil stupid witch called Rebecca Black. Her curse brought a devil-like spirit into her. She blew up her house, ran off to Hell and blew up her own Map. Here, the devil greeted her, and she vowed her loyalty to him, she roams the Earth collecting souls for him. Dora, being a servant of the devil, is a god-like being, except, eviler. She can turn invisible and walk through
Dora Evil
walls. She can hover, and sometimes fly. She can also do things beyond the average "BOO!" ghost. She can summon fire from the depth of Hell. She can consume the souls of her enemies. Oh, and she can make her eyes glow funny!

Dora smokes a pack a day. She smokes Winston. She smokes Winston because she thinks it tastes good like a cigarette should. That's probably why she is so loyal to the devil.

Dora is the devil's most powerful servant. Too bad she doesn't like CHEESE! You'd think that a person of her background would enjoy eating at Taco Bell. That's because you're a racist pig. She actually enjoys Kentucky Fried Chicken instead.


Dora likes to steal animals and other weird things for her explorers collection. She has a Boots, Map, and Backpack. Her favorite pet, however, is a Swiper. She also has three recurring (not cared for) pets including Azul the cow, Green the lizard, and a squirrel called, you guessed it, backpack. She also obesified a chicken and colored it red.


She is supposed to be 7 or 8 years old at her debut, but she was a tween in her next version. However, these ages don't seem too accurate given her outrageous general looks. According to a website called "How Old", she does not have a face, therefore she has no age. Her mental age is equivalent to a tin can, shown when she can't even locate things that are right next to her.


As you can tell by her picture, her shirt is not covering her entire stomach. There are several reasons for this.

  1. Because she has more meat on her body than the average human bean.
  2. She cannot take it off due to her extremely-deadly-large head.
  3. To show that she is not sunburned on her arms, legs, and face, but that she naturally has Trump-colored skin.
  4. She wants to be like Miley Cyrus.


1700ish Born

2000: TV Star

2005: Cousin is born, and she becomes jealous.

2009: Finally grew taller, then smaller

2011: Her cousin leaves the spotlight.

2014: Becomes lazy and quits her TV show.

2014: Goes back to being taller.


Snapchat on Dora


Dora Rockin' the Snapchat Flower Crown


Dora with Snapchat butterflies on her head #sotumblr


Dora with a Kawaii Puppy Snapchat face

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