Doopsee, one of the two mightiest of the Telotubs.

Doopsee is one of the members of Telotubs and rival of Dipsy of the Teletubbies. He  has supreme knowledge of the UnUniverse, though considering how insane most of it is, it's not especially useful. He has outdone Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa because Laa-Laa is just average intelligence, and Tinky Winky is just plain stupid. He can lift objects up using the force from his hand and can release them. His weakness is his mechanical skills. He cannot build at all unlike rival Dipsy who is literally a mad scientist, and that he isn't as unbeleiveably evil as the Teletubbies, who have no regards for the lives of their own kind, as they can respawn, or the lives of anyone else for that matter. Also, the Telotubs try to destroy the Teletubbies out of envy and would otherwise not care about them at all, while the Teletubbies try to destroy the Telotubs for fun.

Although Doopsee isn't a mechanic,  Tonky-Wonky is and Yaa-Yaa also partly is, as well as Thimper, though none of their creations are as deadly as those of the Teletubbies, although Tonky-Wonky did create Voo-Voo.

Recently, Doopsee has joined the Happy Tree Friends as he felt the Telotubs were not evil enough. Yaa-Yaa got mad at him, and the Happy Tree Friends almost arrested him for betrayal. Luckily, Voo-Voo sucked up all the Happy Tree Friends before anyone got killed. Unfortunately, this included Doopsee as well.

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