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The Dongetta Lords are the leaders of the Dongettas. There are 7 of them.


When Dongetta Land was founded, it needed leaders. So, some Dongettas revealed their hair, and dipped themselves in some Paint. One time, Bowser invaded their land, and put them in a jar. He then proceeded to make a theme park, Bowser Land. Bowser then became a furry, and forced them to let him Expand Dong.

The 7 Dongetta Lords, being DUMB.


Funnily enough, Dongetta Lords speak like normal people.


They are very nice, but can be mean. hahahaha

Relation to Expand Dong

They are the GODS of expand dong, able to give anyone the ability. If someone misbehaves, or is a Furry, they will take all Dong Expansion away from them, making them not likeable not sexually avaiable.