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Cquote1 My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars... Cquote2
Donald Trump

Donald Trump flipping off China.

Donald Trump is a politican who secretly lives on the planet Stultus. He is 70 years old. While he has a lot of controversy in his other home planet Earth, he is accepted on Stultus. He is part of the Norovirus Army and is friends with PickleodeonBilly Mays, and Wonky Donkey. However, he is enemies with Senior Second Incarnation. He is working on a plan to turn all illegal Mexican immigrants into oxygen. He was president of Trumpland, a country on Stultus. The Teletubbies love him and cast 10,000 votes for him, which is how he became Trumpland's president. He is currently the US President; when his American presidency started on January 20, 2017, he sold Trumpland to Billy Mays in exchange for a decade's supply of Oxi-Clean. He is also GoldFinger from 007. Contrary to popular belief, he and Ducky are good friends.



Donald Trump when he was born.

Before the existence of Earth, Donald Trump was born in a distant planet locally known as Stultus that was under attack by another planet known as Asinum. His parents are two different races. His mother is a Stultian while his father is an Asinumian. He was relocated to planet Earth 65,000,000 years ago along with other Stultians in a Yo Mama ship. This is the reason why dinosaurs no longer exist. Later, he moved back to Stultus for no reason. But in 2717 he was sent back to earth to be put in a Ship to police it.



Does this look like Trump to you?!

The World-Universe Attacks of 2019 happened on purpose, and theories have been thrown around the Donald Trump in fact did it! However, he was just described as a black silhouette and only known as "The Mastermind". He also spoke in a deep voice. The conflict lasted until January 4th to January 27th.


  • He wants to build a YUUUUGGE wall
  • He hates immigrants, yet he has many wives who ARE immigrants. At least, they used to be, until he used the Power of Greyskull to turn them into Americans.
  • Elena of Avalor plans on getting Trump to help her build a wall on the Avalor-Mexico border.
  • He wants to boycott Starbucks for no reason.
  • He was hired to be President of and Police SS McGlockenspiel after 7 centuries from now.
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