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Who knows, you may just break your back, or your entire skeleton

Don't Lift That Heavy Object! is a show currently airing on Jetix, I: Independent Television, Crap Network and the ABC in Pangea, or as of now, Dinosaur World. Each episode is about some Italian Dinosaurs trying to lift up heavy objects before dropping them in some way, resulting in some very large pain. The series first aired in 1989.

Some Notable Episodes From This Show

Season 1

  • Death by Anvil

A guy is trying to carry an anvil across a bridge his weight is too muchand he falls, and dies!

  • Robbers Always Lose

A T. Rex is trying to carry a safe away. But he drops it onto his feet and screams.

  • Perlude to Pain

A father exclaims, "Holy smoo!" when he gets a piano dropped on his foot after trying to move it with his son.

  • They're Grrrr-ueling!

A guy tries to carry a tiger, you can tell how that went.

  • Too Much To Swallow

Some dudes begin carrying the whole UnOmniverse itself, but fail when one stubs his toe on a meteorite.

  • Moving!

A guy carries his house but gets crushed soon after.

Now this is where we would put a Season 2 section, but there was only 7 episodes.


This show became popular among all audiences, and is widely known as a classic, unfortunately, it was not renewed for more season just so everyone could be mad and the channels would get publicity.


  • This is the first show in which the word, "Smoo" was uttered, in LIVE TV!
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