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Cquote1 My intelligence has made me so Robotic and powerful. Cquote2
Doctor Square

Doctor Square is an intelligent robot and the father of Kaori Senoo. He hated his daughter so much that he killed her. He is now placed in the German Prison.

Physical Appearance

He is a black and purple robot with green (or red when he's mad) eyes, a red tie, and a huge cloak. Despite being robotic, he has a brain is the only remnant of what was left of his Human self.


Doctor Square was born in 2006. When he was 56 years old, he conducted an experiment on robotics. However, an explosion occurred and he was killed in the explosion. The fellow scientists recovered his brain and asked Dr. Eggman to build a robotic body. The body was perfect so they placed in his brain. He then got mad and flew into space. As he killed the scientists, he met a girl named Kaori Senoo who told him that her parents were killed in the incident of BOOM! So he said that he would take good care of her. They went into space and built a space station named Planet Cube

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