Do, setting fire to the landscape.

Do(Pronounced DOh)is the evilest of the Telotubs and is a rival of Po. He can breathe out fire, and and is skilled in evil magic. He is the most powerful Telotub and has easily outdone the Telotubs as they are stupid apart from Doopsee and Tonky Wonky. Do is the most similar of the Telotubs to their Teletubby equivalents, being cunning like Po, and as evil as the Teletubbies.

Do's creation is a mystery, as nobody knows how such similar creatures to the Teletubbies  that aren't part of the Teletubbies species could possibly exist. Some beleive Adolf Hitler created Do and the Telotubs. Do was created mainly through his sheer force of will and determination, which was why he was the most similar. They were all stupid, but he spent a lot of time on Doopsee, and he was clever... At least until the threat of This is Bob.

After managing to (barely) defeat the evil stick figure and put him on the run, he made one of the greatest mistakes in the history of the UnUniverse: Declaring himself as greater than Chuck Norris. The Texas Ranger did not take kindly to this, and flew down to Telotub Land. Smiting the telotub with roundhouse kick after roundhouse kick, Chuck killed Do over a hundred times per second. After nearly 1,000 roundhouse kicks, Do was firmly defeated, dead and pulverized, in the ninth circle of Hell, leaving Doopsee to run the Telotubs, who replaced Do with the considerably more intelligent and respectful To.

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