Dirty Po is the 24th episode of the Teletubbies (TV Series). It is all about how Super Nanny tries to "fix" the great and mighty Po, great goddess and leader of the Teletubbies.


Po is eating Tubby Toast for breakfast while the others are fighting over a spoon. Po starts wondering about all these dirty, dirty things, so she eventually says "Shall I rape my fellow Teletubby friends?" All the other Teletubbies drop the spoon that they were fighting over. "GET READY TO RUMBLE PO! BECAUSE WERE CALLING SUPER NANNY!" shouts Laa Laa. Suddenly, Super Nanny appears out of nowhere. Po then got mad at Super Nanny for being alive, so she punched her. Her head flies out the window, and hits Bonzi Buddy, causing him to explode into melted cheese.  


Kids didn't understand this episode, but the kids that did became professional rapists. Parents threatened to sue the company, and Mr. Bush still thinks 2+2=5.

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