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Dipsy wearing his lazer-armor and Scouter

Gender: Male
Hair color: Green (fur)
Eye color: Green
Species: Teletubby
Home: Teletubby Land
Death: Obliterated by Brulk Rogan
AKA: Dipsy: The Evil One
Likes: Building a bomb that will blow up whenever it feels like it
Dislikes: Power cuts
Education: Self trained in the art of explosives, making weapons, and freaking out
Occupation: Mass Murderer, Evil mastermind.
Known For: Blowing more planets than everyone else put together.
UnRank: 999,999,999
Cquote1.png Eh oh! AND GOOD BYE! Cquote2.png
  —Dipsy, before frying someone

Dipsy is one of the feared Teletubbies. He invented all their weapons, machinery, vehicles, and even some of their allies. He is considered a very dangerous being, except for his weakness: He's weak. He is the only really smart evil Teletubby, if you see his quote it sounds what a normal scientific villain would say. He is also the only Teletubby that has ever gone a day without doing something completely insane.

He was the dictator of West Brazil (The fascist portion of Brazil), but after being killed, it was taken over by Brulk Rogan (Not that it matters, Dipsy can respawn but he didn't want to blow the Teletubbies' cover so he is holding the assassination plans for some time in the future).

Dipsy is maniacal enough he decided to become one of the golden aces of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.


Dipsy was originally a high ranking Teletubby soldier. Nobody knows about his childhood, and nobody cares. Despite his lack of physical strength, he quickly passed through ranks due to his skill at building powerful weapons and machinery. He eventually became a general in the Teletubby forces. He used this power to destroy anyone who disobeyed him. Eventually, he became one of the four leaders of the Teletubbies. He now provides them with all weapons they need.


Dipsy is an insane Teletubby who likes all weapons, explosives, and destruction. He is very evil, and often goes around throwing laser bombs or shooting ray-guns for fun. He also likes killing but the Police stop him before he can. He calls them jerks, so they arrest him, so he blows up the prison, and gets away. He is a crazy genius, and invented all the Teletubbies weapons.

He's even more insane as a member of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization; especially shooting at things he likes to shoot at alongside his also evil teammates.


Dipsy's Letimotif

You hear this when you fight Dipsy alone.


  • Dipsy will freak out whenever he makes a weapon.
  • His greatest invention to date is a bomb that can blow up an entire dimension. Unfortunately, Baby Yoshi ate it, but Tinky Winky also possesses this power.
  • His worst invention to date is a bomb that says hi. It's pointless, because it says hi instead of blowing up.
  • He had a pet shark. It died when he tried to take it on a walk.
  • Trivia is fun.
  • Dipsy's favorite food is Pie. He likes explosives. He likes pie so much, an episode of the Teletubby TV show was made about him making pie.
  • His second favorite food is Dipsy Doodles.
  • Dipsy's weakness is nothing.
  • Dipsy created the Teletubby Hat.
  • He is the only Teletubby to be a member of the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization.
  • Dipsy hates Loquats.
  • He is An Impostor
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