Dipseegee is a Teleteegee. He was the result of what happened when Hyper Weegee stared at Dipsy, after that incident, he discovered his new powers as a Teleteegee. how original


Dipseegee Stare

You know the drill, when he stares at someone, they turn into a Dipseegee clone.

Dipseegee Punch

When he punches someone, they Asplode.

Dipseegee Upgrade

Dipseegee puts on his Lazer-Armor, which is so powerful that it could almost hurt Chuck Norris, and that's saying something.

Dipseegee's Lazer-Armor

Dipseegee R

Dipseegee's Lazer-Armor is a very powerful weapon. It is armed with heat vision, arm blasters, and a very shocking antennae. It is strong enough to completely wipe out Possum City including Fatman.


  • Dipseegee's Lazer-Armor is arguably the most dangerous Teleteegee weapon ever conceived.
  • Like all of the other Teleteegees, Dipseegee looks like Squidward Tentacles.
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