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Dipper Pines
Dipper Pines.jpg
Full name: Dipper Pines?
Gender: Mystery boi
Sexuality: Unknown

(sexually identified by some as a racecar)

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Teeny black dots
Age: Fresh
UnBirthday: Not too long ago
Species: Human?
Height: Short
Weight: Skinny
Home: Oregon or something
Alive or Dead?: FRESH
UnRank: 816 (the number of mysteries he solved that he really didn't need to)

Dipper Pines is a kid in Gravity Falls, Oregon. He has a habit of trying to fucking solve mysteries rather then let the world consume the mystery.


Dipper before going CalArts.

One minute after the birth of twin sister Mabel Pines, Dipper was randomly born.

Dipper, being one of the UnUniverse's mistakes, grew up being bullied... a lot, mostly by some kid named Rícárdó Nómórófó. Dipper kipped Nómórófó, but got in legal trouble.

He moved to Japan before he choked on the spice of wasabi and went back to the United States of UnAmerica.

To hide his identity, he turned himself into CalArts.

Suddenly, the fucking government creeps FBI took him (:P).

Spider-Man slapped him before he was shipped to Soviet Russia.

He soon came back, covered in blood.

Some lady on Twitter described him as "sexy, flawless, daring, and spectacular."


  • He used the identity Dípéro Páinas during a trip to Mexico, following turning CalArts.
  • His IQ is below moderate for a dude his age.
  • He can speak Mexico's language.