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rth Society is an organization dedicated to one belief: that the UnWorld is shaped like a dinosaur. Most people think that this Society is batshit insane, but it can be assured that we indeed tell the truth.

The Evidence


The proof. Go ahead, debunk it.

As you can see from the second image, different satellite photos at different angles are all photos of certain parts of the body, such as the tail, back, or a leg. You see, the Earth cannot be round for a simple reason: it was in the past.

Many of the Universe's forces at work are unbelievably complicated and simply assuming that the Earth is round won't cut it. Photos that specifically show the Earth being round are photoshopped, as NASA knows that no one would believe them for a second if they released the true photos, and lose money. However, they are wrong in that there are believers, and they so happen to be us.

So how did Earth come to be this way? Many, many years ago, Earth indeed was round. However, the ancient deity Lythronax thought this was boring and proceeded to use a giant laser beam out of its mouth to reform the planet in its honor. It screwed up a bit, with the result looking more like a featherless Velociraptor, but to Lythronax it was good enough. This explains why metamorphic rock outcrops occur at the surface of the Earth, but not much of it. Sediment was released from the laser beam and gravity pulled it back, covering the metamorphic rock and explaining why more of surface rocks are sedimentary.

Dinosaur Earth Anthem (Lyric video)

Dinosaur Earth Anthem (Lyric video)

It even has an anthem! Do your stupid globetards have THAT?

This also explains the presence of mountains: they are simply the dinosaur's claws and teeth. The valleys are the gaps between the fingers and toes and a particularly large one being the mouth. The KT extinction is also explained by this. Part of the extremely hot core leaked out, explaining the extreme heat from the "meteor" and "volcanoes". A huge amount of Earth's species died from contact with the laser beam, which is why some sea creatures went extinct too. So, are you convinced? If not, you're pretty damn thick-headed.

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This is the true appearance of Earth.

We know you want to become a member. But how DO you do this? First go see this user's userboxes. Copy the info from the Dinosaur Earth userbox into your own blank customizable userbox. BOOM! You're a member! Joining the Dinosaur UnEarth Society comes with these benefits:
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We hope you realized the truth from this article. Thank you for your time.

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