Dinner Blaster IV: The Return of the King logo. Now available at XBox, PSP and Apple. Note: ESRB was not known until a year later.

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Dinner Blaster IV: The Return of the King is the fourth shame in the popular shame series Dinner Blaster. It has sold many copies, but the guys keeping track of it are asleep, so we don't know how many exactly.


The King flies into his sofa, determined to have a lazy day. This dream is crushed quickly however, when a large fireball knocks the crown off of his head. He takes his Dinner Blaster, but decides it's not enough. He gets several other weapons, and uses them to blow Bowser to A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away.


There are 1,234 levels. Originally, there were going to be 123, but the King got bored with that. The most common enemy was going to be the Koopa, but Nintendo sued, and now the most common enemy is the "Dinner Hater". But Bowser is fought a lot too.


This shame was just as popular as the rest of the Dinner Blasters... we think. Wait... the keeping track guys just woke up! According to them... 100 copies. That's an all time low. Wait... now it's 10,000 copies! How did that happen?

(The King was last seen at a shame store.)


The shame was not rated by anyone except ESRB. They rated it EC for Early Children, because of violence, blood, gore and language.

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