Dinner Blaster Collection: Classic Saga 1-3 (abbreviated DBCCS13, DBC13, DBC and Pete) was a shame for the Game Boi made after the Dinner Blaster series was so successful. It was originally supposed to be based off of Dinner Blaster, Dinner Blaster II and Dinner Blaster 3.0, but then Ganon and Bowser ruined it.


The original shame just ran through the first three shames in the series, but Ganon and Bowser broke into the shame-making place in the dead of night, and then swapped it out for a shame that was about Bowser and Ganon beating up King Harkinian. The player plays as one of the two villains, and must press the Kill Key to kill the King.


Everyone who hated the King loved this shame, and everyone who loved the King hated this shame. The only exception was Link, who found this shame very humorous. The King slapped Link for this, and now Link pretends to hate the shame too. Biased Ratings REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY can't decide whether they like it or not.


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