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Dinner Blaster 5: Dinner Mayhem is the fifth shame in the Dinner Blaster Series. It is about the King and has something to do with DINNER.


The King has lost his Dinner Blaster! What will he do? Oh well, he'll just pull out his SUPER DINNER BLASTER! He takes this weapon, and blows apart Bowser's Castle with just one shot. The castle explodes, and the shame ends. Oh, and he really didn't lose the Dinner Blaster, he just forgot where he put it. (By the living room shelf)


Here are the levels in the shame:

  • Level 1: Take Super Dinner Blaster (Par Time: 5 seconds)
  • Level 2: Teleport to Bowser's Castle (Par Time: 6 seconds)
  • Level 3: Pull Trigger (Par Time: 2 seconds)

There are no enemies in this shame.


Despite the average shameplay being 13 seconds, and no enemies at all, everyone loved this shame because it had the words Dinner Blaster on it. It was the most popular pointless shame ever made.


Everyone rated it QPYA. We're still trying to figure out why they did it, and what QPYA means.

Update: We typed it in ASKII and it said "Quincy Prepare Your Anus"

NOW: We're all fuked.

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