Squidward dies

Squidward pays a visit to Dimension 666. Notice he has only 2 legs instead of 4 now.



This was the punishment dreamed up by Giygas. I'm scared for my life.

Dimension 666 is basically a pocket dimension of Hell. It is also the only way to reach the Flat Zone, other than going as fast as Sanic. The Dimension was created by Bob Saget, to throw N00bs in and just watch them scream and moan in agonizing discomfort and great pain, as a punishment for N00bieness. The dimension was gained access by millions and has had many rulers. All of which had their own idea of torture. All people who went here died here. ;) Anyways. I really don't want to get into any further details, so I'll just cut to the rulers.

List of Rulers

The Horrors of Ronald McDonald 2

The Horrors of Ronald McDonald 2

Dimension 666 when Ronald McDonald ruled it. LOOK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

Area Gallery

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