Dilma Rousseff

Dlima Rousseff (aka Mindy Simmons) is the former president of Brazil and Current President of Uruguay (aka the British Crown Dependency of British Brazil,She is Probably why Brazil broke up into 5 or 6 republics.

Brazilian Divide

M. Bison,Lionel William Hutz, Diesel 10,and all the other dictators of the states that would be countries wanted Independence,However Dilma would not allow it. They were so Mad that they decide to start a war against the Federal Goverment and the British Empire. They won the battle that they forced Dlima to Balkanize Brazil into 5 countries (plus one British Dependency in Uruguay),and Hutz forced Dlima to annex Paraguay into a SSR for Bruzil.

She was allowed her own country in Colombia which she renamed to the Republic of German Brazil(despite its name its unrecognized by the 5 or 6 Brazils),and Samoa which has a flag similar to the now independent 5 countries but it has the colors of the German Flag and the East German Coat of Arms.

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