Not to be confused with regular pickles.
Dill Pickles

At least he's not eating worms.

Dill Pickles is the secondborn son of Stu Pickles and the youngest member of the elite German Nazi strike team known as the Rugrats. Dill is given special privileges being the younger brother of Rugrats leader Tommy Pickles, but this is balanced out by the fact that he only knows the language Babbleish. Even the other babies don't understand him. Dill Pickles is currently at his father's side, commanding Chaz Clone and Chuckie Clone in Babbleish.


Dill Pickles was born in late 1807 to Stu and Didi Pickles. He spent a mere seven months with his parents before Stu decided his kids were never going to look like Tom Hanks. He put them up for adoption in disgust. Vendetta Williams arrived talking about how great of a Nazi Stu was. Stu declared he was not a Nazi, but a "Part Time Fascist". Williams said this was close enough and adopted the Pickles kids.

With William's magic spell in place, Dill could never age. Although most of the babies chosen were old enough to walk, Dill couldn't really do much of anything. He began to cry, but Tommy told Dill to keep it cool because he wanted that promotion. Tommy got the promotion he wanted, and he was put in charge Dill along with the rest of the Rugrats. Tommy rewarded Dill for keeping it cool by not beating his little baby bottom.

When the War of 1812 broke out, Dill did not really do too much in terms of combat. He mostly just sat there and sucked on his own foot. Then he took a nap for a while, and then went back to sucking on his foot. When the battle was over, Dill received the highest honor any warrior could possibly ask for: the Iron Butt. The honor was then revoked for political reasons.

Dill Pickles went into hiding with all of the other Rugrats after the War of 1812. He most likely went into hiding with his older brother Tommy, though living with Big Bird has not been ruled out. He made his return with the other Rugrats during the War of 2012, but did absolutely nothing. He received another Iron Butt and returned home to his father to retire in peace.

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