Dill Nye the Pickle Guy is a world famous scientist that studies pickles and Dillometry. He goes on scientific adventures with his assistant, Phil Nye, and his uncle Bill Nye to stop the evil scientists, Kill Nye and Nill Bye. Dill was born and raised in Pickle Land by Pickle Wolves. He is also known as Darth Dillar and Anakin Dillwalker. He's not much of a science guy and more of a lame guy.

Dill Con 2022

The Dill Nye collectors keyboard from Dill Nye Con 2022


  • Dill Nye is the main character on Disney Infinity 50.0 and 51.0.
  • His original names were Dill Ho and Dill Guy.
  • When he eats his magical Dill noodles and with his big nose (because he has no teeth) he gets the magical DONG SWORD.
  • At one point he made a Spider Crab eat Dill noodles and then made it a cyborg for the ultimate anti-liberal weapon.
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