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Evil Digit Al.jpg Digit Al approves of this article because it is one of the GREATEST IN KORIDAI!

Not to be confused with the virtual bird.

Digit Al
Evil Digit Al.jpg
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hair color: He’s a robot! He doesn’t have hair!
Age: 15
Species: Robot
Alive or Dead?: Alive
Likes: Waffles

His boyfriend Bubl

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
UnRank: 420,69,666,420,69

Digit Al is a robot and a member of The Grand Michael Rosen Cult, and formerly the Scary Robots Gang.


He was made in 2005 because the UnUK was about to switch to digital television, so, Sky and BBC owners, Blake Ashton and the Teletubbies made, Digit Al (get it?).

He was a murderer, and he later joined the Scary Robots Gang. He was known for killing old computers, VCRs, and CRT TVs. He was a Teletubby Minion at one point. He stopped killing and became much nicer once the Digital Switchover ended.

In 2021, he began dating a blue robot called Bubl, who was programmed to help lazy humans with their everyday tasks.

About him

Digit Al, as we mentioned before, used to be a murderer. But not anymore. But when he was, he was scary! Many people tried to escape him, but couldn't! Also, he is immortal, which means you can't kill him! He is almost impossible to defeat. He is also quick, so if you try to run from him, you'll have no chance of escaping!

Nobody knows what he did after he stopped killing, but it's probably boring, so you don't need to know.


  • He has laser eyes.
  • He is addicted to Waffles.
  • He has an assistant crane called Carly.