Cquote1 HA-HAAA! IT'S THE stupid PUFFBALL! Cquote2
Diesel 10 to Thomas
Diesel 10

Gender: Male
Hair color: Claw thing, does that count?
Eye color: EEEEVIL black
Species: Train
Home: Sodor
Death: Isle of Man
AKA: Diesel X, Stupid Train, Terror Train, Pain Train
Likes: Antagonizing other trains
Dislikes: Being scrapped
Education: 0.0004 seconds in train school
Occupation: Being an EEEEVIL engine
Known For: Train Judgement
UnRank: -3.1415926
Promotion: Nah.

Diesel 10 is an old train who was rolling his a** around town and judging his friends. He became evil enough where he hated any train that lived or visited Sodor. He even hated humans that lived or visited there. He even likes eating on many other plants.

He got PWNed by Thomas, Percy and James.I'm red!

Afterwords, he was reconstructed by Bowser and Megatron, whom he then teamed up with. However, he trusted Megatron more than Bowser, so Diesel 10 supported communism like Megatron did.

Diesel 10 was also the dictator of East Brazil, where all they do is communism. There, all vehicles except trains are outlawed..

After being reconstructed, he joined the Supreme Golden Ace Invasion Organization and became the 10th bronze ace so he and Diesel could get revenge on all of the good trains

He is also the one-hundredth member to join the Infinity Army in general.

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