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Didney, also known as the Wal Didney Comany, is a film company founded by Wal Didney. It is dedicated to making wishes and magic annoy the hell out of people.

Whenever anyone disses its movies, one of the staff will kill them with a Didney Murder Weapon. There is also a terrorist group known as the Didnic State; Didney is strongly affiliated with the group. Iggy Productions made a ripoff of Didney called Diznee so the Didnic State killed them.

They also own Didneyland.


The Early Years

Didney started life as a stand called Wal Didney's Novelty Film Reels on a busy street in the USA at the turn of the 20th century. At this stand, a man named Wal Didney sold short, cheap, film reels starring a rabbit called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Things went on like this for a while, as Wal was living in an apartment with his parents, coudn't get a job, and liked money. Then one day, Charles Mintz, a worker at Unaversul spotted Wal drawing up a film reel where Oswald hits a drunk guy to impress a girl, and took his 12 inch cigar out his mouth, and said "Now THERE'S a chump I could hire!"

From that point on, Wal had a job, an apartment of his own, several minions to do work for him, and best of all, money. Oswald cartoons became longer, and less lousy, funny even. Soon Wal was getting lots of money, but when Wal asked for more money, Mintz refused. Mintz showed him he owned his character and staff, and refused to let him have either. Never one to let his ticket to fame, glory, and money be lost, Wal took a picture of Oswald, changed his shorts, and made him a mouse, then claimed it was an entirely new character. He called him Mickey Mouse.

Didney Princess

One of the many Didney franchises is Didney Princess,a franchise full of dumb Mary-Sues.

List of Didney Princesses

  • Snow White: The annoying one. She is always at the wishing well to wait for her prince. Seven Dwarves love her despite Snow White being 14 and the dwarves being 205.
  • Cinderella: The one who NEEDS magic. She is working 24/7 for her annoying stepmother. A fairy godmother helped her get to the ball but OF COURSE she has a curfew. Unlike Snow White's prince her prince was nice and kind.
  • Aurora: The one who is tired. She is always sleeping.
  • Ariel
  • Belle
  • Jasmine
  • Pocahontas
  • Mulan
  • Tiana
  • Rapunzel
  • Stupid Sofia the Stupid First
  • Anna
  • Elsa
  • Elena of Avalor

Didney Junior

Didney Junior (formerly Playhouse Didney) is a TV channel created by Didney to enslave little kids.


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