Didi Pickles is the mother with clown hair of the infamous Pickles family. Unlike her husband and two kids, she is not evil. All she wants is a perfect life.

Early Life

Didi was born in a circus in Russia on December 27, 1759. Her parents Boris and Minka were jerks. They made her a clown, which explains the hair. Her parents never fed her, hugged her or pretty much talked to her. When she was 13, she had enough of her life sucking. She ran away and left Russia forever.


She moved to Germany. She didn't have food, so she stole some fruit. She was put in jail and stayed there until 1800 when she bribed the cops to let her out with a doughnut. She went to a diner and worked as a waitress until a costumer named Stu Pickles asked "can I have a pizza?" In 1802. They fell in love with each other. They were soon married. In 1807 and 1808, they had two kids named Tommy Pickles and Dill Pickles. She loved both kids, but loved Dill better than Tommy. When Stu put his kids up for adaption, Didi wasn't sure. But she gave up here kids anyway. Didi was worried about Stu as he was losing it. Then she met another guy, Chaz Finster. She wasn't in love with him but Chaz threatened to make her watch Open Season. Stu found out, and blasted her to death. The gods felt sorry for her, so she was reborn. Stu blasted her again, and she was reborn, so on.

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