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Diamond Dipsy
Diamond Dipsy with a screw loose.
Gender: Male
Hair color: Small azure crystallines that look like fur
Eye color: Blue
Species: Teletubby
Home: Unknown
Death: Hit in the head with a pickaxe by Gold Tinky Winky
AKA: The Mad Diamontist
Known For: For replacing Gold Tinky Winky
UnRank: 1000

Diamond Dipsy is a diamond clone of Dipsy. He been rivand with Gold Tinky Winky ever since they met each other, especially after he stole GTW's fame. He always appears every Grop at Noon, Gold Tinky Winky has tried to kill him since they met.

Why do they have this unneeded rivalry? It all started long ago, when all the die hard Minecraft fans loved Gold Tinky Winky because gold is in Minecraft, soon, Diamond Dipsy came along, and they remembered how rubbish gold is in Minecraft and how good diamond is. They also thought Gold Tinky Winky was mean (even though Diamond Dipsy too is) and they dumped him. Immediately afterwards, he despised Diamond Dipsy with a burning passion, but Dipsy in blue didn't know that until Tinky Winky in yellow purposely threw a boomerang at him, and then it got RED HOT! They went into WAR!

Soon, Diamond Dipsy croaked when Gold Tinky Winky threw a pickaxe at him, which failed. Many people have tried throwing pickaxes at Diamond Dipsy in the past, however, what they all FAIL to realize about this almost seemingly easy task before they die is that Diamond is Unbreakable. Amethyst Po and Cave drawing stone horrortime know this too well.