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Dewfis and Duckworth is a strange TV show about a duck with a monocle and top hat named Duckworth and a head with legs named Dewfis.


  1. Lunch: Dewfis makes Duckworth a sandwich but he doesn't like it so he locks dewfis in the closet
  2. Party: Duckworth is invited to a party but Dewfis isn't so he sneaks in but is killed by the guards
  3. Zoo: Dewfis and Duckworth go to the zoo but Dewfis wanders off and ends up in the tiger cage.
  4. Cheese: Duckworth steals cheese from the store and gets arrested
  5. Dog: Dewfis finds a "Dog" in the woods and tries to train him
  6. School: Dewfis goes to school but he is attacked by a cheeseburger
  7. Movie: Dewfis and Duckworth go see Jurassic World but Duckworth runs out of popcorn at the best part so he goes to the store and drives home, leaving Dewis in the movie theater.