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Scrapper, before merging with the rest of Devastator.

Devastator, under construction.

Gender: Male
Eye color: Red
Species: Robot
Home: Cybertron
AKA: Devastator Maximus (Full name)
Likes: communism
Dislikes: Plants
Occupation: Builder
Known For: Being exactly 3.14 times taller than Optimus Prime
UnRank: 100000000000000000000000000

Devastator Maximus (Often called simply Devastator) is Megatron's weapon that represents Communism.

He was the response to the arrival of Gachimuchi artist Billy Herrington. Devastator is also a member of the Warsaw Pact.

Devastator is made up of six construction vehicles for his components, Scrapper (The leader)(The front-loader, his right leg), Mixmaster (The cement mixer, his left leg), Scavenger (The excavator, his right arm), Bonecrusher (The bulldozer, his left arm), Long Haul (The dump truck, the lower-torso), and Hook (The crane truck, the upper-torso).

Devastator hates plants so much that he became a herbivore. He wants to replace plants with pollutive stations.

For weapons, Devastator Maximus sometimes wields a rifle, and sometimes a hammer and sickle, all of which he bears and is armed with.


The propaganda poster that Devastator is presumably based off of.

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