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A Demiurge is a kind of god that oversees one of the dimensions in the UnMultiverse and is usually the creator of its home dimension. Originally, the word "demiurge" specifically referred to a creator god, but has since expanded to include gods that simply rule over a particular dimension without having created it. Some demiurges work as a single collective, such as the Teletubbies, but it is the norm for a demiurge to work alone. All demiurges either serve directly under the Undefeatables or are Undefeatables themselves, but Undefeatables and demiurges are not the same thing.

Originally, when the UnMultiverse was created, the Undefeatables assigned several beings of god-like power to watch over the other dimensions, while the Undefeatables themselves watched over the UnUniverse from the Undefeatable Palace. The god-like beings, titled demiurges, were initially supposed to create their own dimensions to watch over, but time passed and lines began to blur. Unlike the process for electing Undefeatables, the process for electing demiurges was vague and confusing, which led to some inconsistencies. Dimensions were created artificially, existing demiurges were either defeated in combat or outright killed, and some Undefeatables stepped in to become demiurges themselves. All in all, things got hairy. Nowadays, anyone who can fulfill one of the criteria below can technically be considered a demiurge.

Chuck Norris, the demiurge of the UnUniverse, is probably the most famous of his kind.

Ways to Become a Demiurge

There are several ways to become a demiurge, the first two requiring a total UnRank of over one trillion.

  1. Create a dimension of your own.
  2. Be personally promoted by the Undefeatables.
  3. Defeat the current demiurge of a dimension in combat and take their place.

List of Demiurges

Here are the demiurges of each dimension in the UnMultiverse. Note: some dimensions don't have demiurges of their own, which usually means that they are freaks of nature.

  1. UnUniverse - Chuck Norris
  2. 2nd Dimension - None
  3. Real World - Gaia (formerly), Knight Sonic (currently, but he doesn't do his job, so Zeus and Jesus Christ have stepped in from time to time)
  4. 4th Dimension - None
  5. Heaven - Jesus Christ
  6. Hell - Bob Saget
  7. Nightmare Dimension - None
  8. Teletubby Land - Dora the Explorer (formerly), Teletubbies (currently)
  9. 9th Dimension - Wa-Team (formerly), T-5001 (currently, possibly a clone)
  10. Daedric Dimension - Sheogorath
  11. Dragon Realms - Spyro (formerly, now disqualified as the dimension has merged with the UnUniverse)
  12. Dimension 666 - Bob Saget (formerly), Po (formerly), Giygas (formerly), Gezol (formerly), Zumbah (formerly), Adolf Hitler (formerly), Bob the Builder (formerly), SpongeBob SquarePants (formerly), Leonidas (formerly), Princess Daisy (formerly), Bowser (formerly), George W. Bush (formerly), Ronald McDonald (currently)
  13. Minecraft - Notch
  14. Seussville - Dr. Seuss
  15. Loserverse- The Stupid One (Seriously? This guy gets his own dimension to rule?)
  16. Negaverse - Giygas (formerly), Dr. Eggman Nega (currently)
  17. Turtle Dimension - Unknown, probably some kind of turtle
  18. Final Dimension - None
  19. Dimension 1 - None
  20. Negativerse - None
  21. Awesomeverse - Awesome Face
  22. UnMario Universe - Bill Cosby
  23. Undefeatable Palace - Chuck Norris
  24. Internet - Al Gore (formerly), PewDiePie (currently)
  25. UnUnUniverse - None
  26. The Shadow Realm - Ganon (formerly), King Frost (formerly), Izanami (formerly), Fake Igor (formerly), None (currently)
  27. The Frost Dimension - King Frost (FOREVER!)