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Duck Game

Duck game is an alternate universe set in 1984, where ducks rule the seas, skies and space. in this world, gladiators are forced to don unique helmets and duke it out in various arenas where various guns and grenades can be found. these environments can be manipulated, from exploding boxes and guns, to moon gravity, all for the sake of millions of bored ducks needing entertainment

The Bathtub Hoax

H.L.Mencken decided that he was bored, so he wrote a fake history of the bathtub, which started with a mahogany and lead bathtub in america in 1842, and ended with the president Millard Fillmore installing one in the White House. Needless to say, this is Bullshit, but many believed it, even though an article highlighting how false it was was published the next day.

( the deep annals of the internet, there lies a button, for the thousands that are bored, and aims to entertain. there are many websites on it, such as:

Eel Slap

( mysterious website that has a interactive gif of a man getting slapped by an eel. it is unknown who this mysterious man is, and has been dubbed by historians as "The Eel Slap Man". Perhaps someday we will know who this man is.

Inherently Funny

The public can publish anything that is considered "inherently funny", from dehydrated water, to a kids book titled "i wish my sister didn't to drugs", or "I think gay marriage should be between a man and a woman." (Arnold Schwarzenegger). It's hilarious, and i recommend you go see it.

Play Air Hockey With A Bear

Just what it says on the tin. BTW the bear is a robot

Rainy Mood

A soothing website that plays a nice tune that sounds like light rain. good for studies, reading or just relaxing. Aaah.


In a parallel universe, Dumbledore is not the kind man in the harry potter series, but a rash, trash talking, ignorant man that somehow still runs hogwarts.


Memorable Quotes

"My Curriculum will be like my penis. Short and frustrating for females" -Alternate Gilderoy Lockheart

(at the bedside of a petrified student) "Dumbledore said he is an expert at this" (dumbledore turns up in clothes patterned with marijuana) "uh Minerva said something about students getting stoned" -Alternate Minerva McGonagall and Albus Dumblefire

"Harry lived in a cupboard this entire time and you knew???" "ask the Malfoy kid, he should know a lot about living in cupboards" "Why?" "Because he's a giant tool" -Albus Dumblefire and Alternate Minerva Mcgonagall

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