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Defensor, faking a shot.
Defensor Maximus

Defensor Maximus, nemesis of Bruticus Maximus

Gender: Male
Eye color: Blue
Species: Rescue Vehicle Robot Combiner
Home: Cybertron
AKA: (Simply) Defensor, Defending Defensor
Likes: Saving people from dreadful incidents
Dislikes: Getting killed off
Occupation: Lifesaver
UnRank: 20,000


Defensor in his normal configuration he usually uses (Streetwise being his left leg, and First Aid being his left arm)


Defensor's components in their individual forms, left to right: Streetwise, Blades, Hotspot (Their leader), Groove, and First Aid.

Defensor Maximus (Or simply Defensor) is a giant robot machine aligned with Mario and Optimus Prime, and was programed by Mario, and given persona by Optimus Prime.

He was made as the nemesis of Bruticus Maximus, who was programmed by Bowser, given persona by Megatron, and influenced by Bashar Al-Assad.

While Bruticus was consisted of 5 military vehicles, Defensor is consisted of 5 rescue vehicles, which makes Defensor his exact opposite. Defensor is consisted of 5 rescue robots named the Protectobots named of Hotspot (Torso and leader, Fire Truck), Groove (Right leg, Police motorcycle), Streetwise (The left leg (Usually), police car), Blades (Right arm, Rescue helicopter), and First Aid (The left arm (Usually), Ambulance).

It basically means Defensor can combine freely, like Bruticus (Though unlike Defensor, Bruticus doesn't do that).

Defensor Maximus is also against the Satanist Empire led by Googolplex. Later on, he helped out in OVER 9000 traffic accidents.

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