Not to be confused with a loser

Cquote1 Your Squirtle fainted to a level 3 carterpie? I'm disappointed in you Gary! Cquote2
Professor Oak
Cquote1 Wow thanks I've been dying for one of these, where's my drink? Cquote2
Tom telling SpongeBob he failed
Mr. Resetti
Epic fail

Defeatables fighting eachother and losing, the guy's going to die and the shark is going to jail

A Defeatable is part of a sub-species of living creature or non-living robot capable of being beaten via fatalities, telefragging, evaluation status being terminated, dying to doorification, dying to smelling Wario's breath, and being other methods of being defeated. Anything that isn't a member of the Undefeatables is a defeatable, no exceptions.

While being a defeatable is a very limiting moniker, if a creature or machine lived a long time not being able to die, not be defeated, and live past 1 Googol AD in the UnOmniverse and never get bored or meet any people. Basically, that's an exception because they've never been defeated by DIE, or by anything else. If these requirements have not been met (a defeat) there's always the UnRank Scales to try and get a Promotion, however there's a great chance of DIE in trying to do so.

However if a person doesn't ever go to the UnRank Scales, is that a loss in potential (A defeat?)


  • Whereas an Undefeatable can't be beaten, YOU CAN!
  • Defeatables can't consume Plotholium beverages.
  • All defeatables can't reach the awesome sauce levels of The Awesome One.
  • Italian Dinosaurs cause a lot of people to fail living.
  • Baby Yoshi will find a way to eat every defeatable.
  • OVER 9000 people have failed.
  • Shaggy was once a defeatable
  • I failed to put a period on that last sentence.
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