Decepticon Army

The original members, this was before when Starscream left and also before when Thundercracker was resurrected into Scourge and Skywarp into Cyclonus.

The Decepticon Army consists of Transformers (Specifically Decepticons) and allies of them. Their job is to spread communism worldwide. It was founded by Megatron (Later Galvatron).

They also want to bring back the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of Japan. They are idolised by Alt 2.0.


How Starscream left the Decepticon Army

Starscream rebelled against Megatron in 2010, but then Galvatron got his revenge, but then some random dude revived and resurrected him in 2011. Starscream only cared about himself and was arrogant until the Satanist Empire rose in 5008, therefore, he joined the Satanist Empire in 5010.

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