Justin Bieber signing a Death Note. *Evil laughter*.

A Death Note

A Death Note

A Death Note is an evil, magical and mostly evil book that is used to kill people. Overall, it has killed OVER 9000 people. The main rule of the Death Note is "The human whose name is written in this note shall DIE" (the guys who created it wanted it to be as obvious as possible). The one who owns it can write the name of a person they want to die it it will happen within 40 seconds.

Other rules of the Death Note

  • Deathnote freetrial

    The free trial expiration notice

    You must have the victim's face pictured in your head, so people with the same name won't be effected.
  • Will not effect a person whose name has been misspelled 4 times.
  • Has a 14 day free trial.
    • You can't clone yourself to expand this, unless it is a Fusion Clone. An average of all the people being fused is used to calculate the total trial time the fusion clone should get. If multiple Fusion Clones exist with the exact same combination, they share the same trial as if it was a clone of itself.
    • The trial then activates when the User takes hold of the Death Note.
  • If you misspell the person's name 4 times on purpose, they become immune to the Death Note and you DIE.
  • If there are clones of the user/victim, it'll die as well!
  • If you write the cause of death within 40 seconds of the victim's name, it will happen.
  • If the cause of death isn't specified, the person will die of a heart attack 40 seconds after the name was written.
  • You can also specify when the person dies as long as you have enough rupees it is within 23 days.

Guys who have used the Death Note

Lotsa guys have used the death note, but these ones stand out:

People who have been killed using the Death Note


  • When it is used on a near-undefeatable or Undefeatable, it will instead kill the writer. This rapidity varies, however.
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