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Dealey Plaza was a small micronation in Kittehlandia until the Kittehlandia World War I when the BBC invaded it and made it into a personal colony

It is currently a Detention Center for AK-47 users making it The Worlds Unhappiest Place on Kittehlandia behind East Lolcat Land


  1. Archie Bunker
  2. Evil Guy
  3. Shoko Ashara
  4. Richard Nixon
  5. Simon Kadwell


Dealey Plaza was founded in 480 BC by Homer Simpson and Bashar Al-Assad as a colony for Syria, It Later got independence from Syria in 1778 and formed a new country, The name was supposed to be Jericho but there were more European and Asian people than Syrians so they decided to name it Dealey Plaza after Ted Dealey the First President of Dealey Plaza

War of 1812

In the War of 1812 Dealey Plaza was invaded by UnAmerica and the BBC to form a Military Government in Dealey Plaza,At The Treaty of Wow, That Was Stupid of Us It was Decided that Dealey Plaza will become part of the BBC and UnAmerica.


The Flag of Dealey Plaza and The DPLF (Dealey Plaza Liberation Front ) is the Flag of Syria with a Hammer and Sickle

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